52 Week Photo Challenge | April 2017 | Lombard IL Photographer


52 Week Photo Challenge | April 2017

I'm thinking of changing up my prompts a bit in June. I want to do a different 52 week challenge or even a month challenge. I saw this really cool one where you pick a color of the month and your post have that color incorporated into it. Might just have to do that. Meanwhile, enjoy April's post.

Week 14 - Free Choice

I had to pic this cutie for TWO post on my free choice prompt. :)

I had to pic this cutie for TWO post on my free choice prompt. :)

Week 15 - Bokeh

Who the heck doesn't love Bokeh!

I shot this first one on my way to work on a rainy day. I LOVE rainy days by the way.

I don't think this following picture had anything to do with Bokeh but I just like the pretty drinks. Plus it was around Easter and I had to showcase the pastel colors. 


Week 16 - Connection



Week 17 - Framing

Love the way the green frames this gorgeous magnolia.

A picture from the very first wedding I ever second shot. This was in auto mode, and let me tell you guys, shooting RAW is waaaayyy better.


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