52 Week Photo Challenge | March 2017 | DuPage County IL Family Photographer


52 Week Photo Chalelnge | March 2017 | DuPage County IL Family Photographer

It's almost the end of April and here I am blogging about pictures for MARCH HA! My creativity has been at a standstill. I need to get back on track, I really think a 365 project would do the trick. :) We shall see but for now, enjoy the pretty pics below.


Week 9 - Black & White

Week 9 was all about black and white. Earlier in March, I had taken in an orchid and it looked so beautiful where it stood, so I took an pic with my iPhone. Yup! My iPhone guys.

The second ones were at a baptism and a first communion. The little guy in the second one would not let go of his Nemo. There's something about black and whites at a church event that catch my eye and I just want to get every single detail.

This wasn't part of the black and white but I was using a friend's 10-24mm and I decided to throw something random in the mix. Pretty cool hu?

Week 10 - Self Portrait

Week 10 was the dreaded self portrait. This time I made sure I had some time and I took lots and lots of pictures. I posed in all different ways, and made all types of faces. After a while I felt kind of silly but whatever, I'm learning! haha Is it just me or do you guys scrutinize your self portraits too?

Week 11 - Emotion

I pulled some pics from the archives and re-edited them. I love the way I captured this little guys emotions through out the shoot. I was also very happy that I got to witness his first steps EVER.


Week 12 - Shadows

I'm a big fan of them! They make pictures pop out so they don't look flat. The first one is an orchid I recently took in, which I'm having trouble keeping alive, go figure. The second one is of a bridesmaid, look at her eyes! <3 The third one is of an e-session I did during golden hour and I just LOVE it.

Week 13 - Balance

I kind of had a hard time figuring this one out but I think I did pretty good with this prompt.

Someone on Instagram commented that I had definitely grasped the concept. "Your eye goes through the picture and lands on the subject and it doesn't cause you to feel uneasy or confused as to where you should be looking. Nice balance of light and dark as well as negative space and occupied space." Thanks Michaelle!


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