52 Week Photo Challenge | February 2017 | DuPage County IL Photographer


52 Week Photo Challenge | February 2017 | DuPage County IL Photographer

February has come and gone. Can you guys believe that!! So here are my February pictures. :) I don't think I mentioned the challenge I was doing. It's the Bethadilly 52 and I'm using Instagram as my platform, CLICK HERE if you want to learn more about the #bethadilly52 and follow along, why not right? Again, whatever camera you have, I find this to be great practice. Shooting weekly is more manageable than a daily challenge. You can read about my thoughts on that HERE.  You don't even have to follow prompts, I know plenty of people who just make up their own daily/monthly prompts as they go. Just get out there and SHOOT! :)



I don't think this really had to do with exposure, but I LOVE this picture. I actually over exposed this picture to get the edit I wanted.

2017-01-31 Week 5 - Exposure.jpg


A nice top shot of a delicious cocktail at Ruth's Chris Steak House.


Best friends can share some major love too!

That's it for February! I'll be trying to shoot more in March so stay tuned. :) CIAO!


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