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Photos where everyone looks perfect?
Nah, that’s not what you’re looking for.

You want photos that make you feel nostalgia. Images that last. Moments that bring back childhood memories, where everyone’s laughing but no one’s looking at the camera.


Osiris Photography
Osiris Photo at Home

Who am I?


You’re probably asking yourself— who is this girl? Can we trust her to take our family photos?

I’m Osiris, a lifestyle documentary photographer who believes in capturing your unique story. I live in Lombard, a suburb outside of Chicago, with my babe of a hubby (married in 2017!). We love to travel near and far. But let’s be real— I love nights on our couch binge watching Netflix, a cup of tea in hand. Also, I’m a sucker for reality TV. Yep, even the Kardashians.

A few years ago when I was in New York, I saw a beautiful moment unfold between two people. A couple embracing one another at a subway stop. I captured that brief instance of pure human emotion with my point-and-shoot camera. What can I say? It was the photo that started it all.

But my love of photography dates back to the ‘90s, when my parents gave me rolls of film so I could take photos just like them. Back in the day when you’d have to wait for your pictures to be developed, it felt like a lifetime between dropping off the film and getting the photos. But it was always worth the wait to go back in time, even if it was just for a moment.

When I’m photographing you, my mission is to capture the stories behind the smiles and laughter, the emotion behind your eyes, and the small, heartfelt moments that will become lifetime memories.

That’s probably why some of my favorite photos are those where no one looks at the camera. I believe that photos should be full of emotion-- So much so that we’ll probably be friends after your session. I like telling jokes— I may sound like a dork, but that doesn’t matter if I can get you to laugh.

Some other things you should know about me: I speak Spanish, am obsessed with VW vans (and I’m totally down to shoot in one!), love my baby nephew. I’m also a self-proclaimed craft beer aficionado, obsessed with succulents, and a collector of vintage Pyrex. Oh, and when I’m not taking family photos, I also moonlight as a food photographer on Instagram.




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